Sarahmée: highlighting involvement in the community

As a prelude to her next album, rapper Sarahmée presents a first single, The heart has its reasons, in which she highlights the commitment of various community organizations.

“This year, with all that is going on, I decided to get more involved, and use the media exposure I can have to talk about subjects that affect me,” says the singer.

It was after discussions with its producer that the idea of ​​getting organizations involved with young people appeared. An idea that quickly won over the whole team. The budget for the filming will also be divided between three organizations: Never was average, DOD Basketball, Team RDP and the Movement for schools without sexual violence.

“I can use my attention to shine a light on people who are doing very cool things. I know I am in a privileged position, and I don’t take it lightly. ” – Sarahmée

“The goal was not to just donate money, but to give them visibility and ensure that the work they do is recognized. It makes it possible to put a face on people who contribute, but whom we do not necessarily hear about ”, explains Alex Authier, the director of the clip.

Like the other members of the film crew, he chose to work as a volunteer and donate his salary to the organizations involved.

Inspiration for young people

Beverley Jacques, director of DOD Basketball, had been approached by Mr. Authier, whom he had known for a long time.

“It showed me that there are a lot of people who watch what we do and are grateful for it,” he says. It was an experience, which I hope will be unforgettable for the young people. They really weren’t expecting it. ”

During the day, they were also entitled to new shoes, balls, and sweaters which were offered to them by the film crew.

Beyond the charitable aspect, it is the presence of the singer and her involvement that could have a positive influence for young people according to Mr. Jacques.

“It shows them a successful woman who is in charge. They see that it is possible to follow your passions and be successful. You just have to believe. This is also what the lyrics of the song show, ”observes Mr. Jacques.

A responsibility that the singer does not take lightly, however.

“I’m happy to be able to be in this position today. I can use my attention to shine a light on people who are doing very cool things. I think it does them good to see that people come to them, ”says Sarahmée.

A new album in sight

Friday release, the play The heart has its reasons is a prelude to the singer’s next album. However, it does not announce any release date for the moment.

“We will be in the continuity ofIrreversible. I will push the subjects and themes that I am discussing even further. In terms of sounds, we will continue in Afro and rap, but I’m going to another level, ”she reveals.

An album that arrives quickly, whileIrreversible, its precedent was released in 2019. “We are in a time when people consume quickly,” recalls Sarahmée. I’ll wait until I like every song to present it, but we take advantage of this momentum. “

More recently, the artist was also able to participate in Francos of Montreal. The year was also filled with emotion, between the containment linked to the pandemic and the movement of the Black Lives Matters.

“It’s a lot of information flow at the same time. It is to take a break to absorb it before putting it back to music. You can’t live and write at the same time, it takes a bit of a step back, ”she says.

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