Little monsters, parents and happy traders

Many children in Quebec jumped for joy on Thursday when they learned that they could spend Halloween by respecting certain instructions. Parents and traders also see it as good news, with some reservations.

“They’ve been worried about whether they’ll be able to spend Halloween or not for two weeks now,” says Mélanie Lemieux of her 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son, who will finally be able to put on their clothes. witch and ninja event on October 31.


“We told ourselves that if there was no door to door, we would do family activities at home. Of course, we were to celebrate Halloween, but if we can do it door to door, they will certainly be very happy, ”said the mother from Quebec, met in a costume store on Thursday.

If the government announcement made people happy, other parents prefer not to take any risks and will nevertheless avoid the traditional collection of sweets in residential neighborhoods, as a precaution.

” [François Legault] said to stay with the family, but anyway, we will meet on the sidewalks, in the streets. People who are at home, we do not know their hygiene. We are going to do a candy treasure hunt on our land, ”explains Jacinthe Thibodeau, from Quebec, mother of an 8-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl.

A balance

Benoît Doyon, owner of the Imaginaire chain of stores, hopes that sales will resume two weeks before the festivities.

Photo Stevens LeBlanc

Benoît Doyon, owner of the Imaginaire chain of stores, hopes that sales will resume two weeks before the festivities.

Faced with the “dilemma” between the imperatives of public health and the happiness of the youngest, the government has found the right balance, thinks Benoît Doyon, owner of the chain of stores Imaginaire.

Satisfied with the government announcement, he still does not expect to make up for all the losses suffered this year due to the pandemic, which has slashed his Halloween-related revenues by 95%.

In addition, the lucrative segment of costumes and accessories for adults, who often spend more money on this special occasion, is not likely to take off when no party will be tolerated.

“I’m happy as a citizen, then as a trader, that’s good news. It won’t be our usual Halloween, but for the younger ones who didn’t think they were having a Halloween, maybe there will be a little jump in sales by the 31st, ”says Mr. Doyon.

Good news

“This is good news under the circumstances, but the best news will be when we no longer have the famous COVID”, he says in closing.

“It’s a beautiful party. We have all been children. It’s a fun party for the kids. It would have been sad if they missed that. I think it’s good for them, ”says Jennifer Murray, clerk at the Chant-O-Fêtes Party store in Quebec City.

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