How to block a phone number on an iPhone with iOS 14

Any good mobile phone offers the possibility of blocking unwanted incoming calls. This is of course the case for the iPhone. You just need to know the number of the pesky contact, then you can say goodbye to their calls and texts.

On the other hand, if we block someone’s calls, we also prevent that person from sending us a text message and communicating with us by FaceTime. It’s all or nothing!

Are you dying to add some annoying numbers to it? Here is the procedure to follow.

How to block a contact on iPhone

  1. Head into the Settings of your device.
  2. Press on Phone (remember that no matter which service you choose, contact will be blocked on all of them).
  3. Touch Call blocking and identification.
  4. Press on Block contact … to select the contact to block.
How to block a saved contact.

How to block an unsaved number on iPhone

  1. Open your call history through the phone app.
  2. Click on the information icon (the i in a circle).
  3. Press on Block this correspondent.

steps 3 and 4 ios14

How to block a phone number.

What happens when a contact is blocked?

Of course, once the contact is blocked, you will not receive their calls or texts. But what happens on his end when he tries to reach you?

If he calls you, he will drop straight to your voicemail box and be able to leave a message for you.

When they text you, they won’t get to their destination, but they won’t be notified.

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