Change the look of your Google Maps journeys with this little-known function

The Google Maps application for iPhone gives us the possibility of configuring a central element in our travel routes. The arrow! It can thus be modified for three types of vehicles with different colors.

Google programmers have fun every once in a while adding fun little features to the Google Maps app.

Some are ephemeral like looking for Charlie across the world or the possibility of having Mario and his kart in our journey.

Others are permanent, while Google Maps is constantly enriched with new functions.

This is the case with this small function which allows us to change the famous blue arrow which indicates to us where we are with a red sedan, green SUV or yellow family vehicle.

You can change the blue Google Maps arrow to a vehicle icon.

How to have a vehicle icon on Google Maps

Changing the blue arrow on our route to a vehicle icon on our Google Maps route is extremely easy.

Surprisingly though, the feature is currently only available to iPhone owners.

It is hard to imagine not seeing it eventually arrive on Android, since it is Google’s system …

In short, to change the blue arrow for a vehicle icon on the Google Maps application, you must:

  1. Open the Google Maps app
  2. Start a route
  3. Press the blue arrow
  4. Select one of the three available vehicles

How to get a vehicle cone on our Google Maps route

Here’s how to get a vehicle icon on our Google Maps route.

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