Biden: clarity, dignity and decency

Joe Biden has shown qualities of a politician that Donald Trump lacks.

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The format of townhall meeting clearly advantage Biden. You have to listen attentively and take participants seriously, show them empathy, establish personal contact and find common ground with your detractors – things Donald Trump is incapable of.

Despite his propensities to goof and his occasional episodes of confusion, Joe Biden possesses these qualities and voters who are looking for a president who listens to them, rather than a “ showman Who thinks only of himself and takes up all the space, found one last night.

There were no fireworks, but Biden was able to clarify his positions.

Trump constantly repeats that Biden, like some radicals, is calling for the “definancing” of the police. Biden said no such thing.

Joe Biden’s position on the environment is not Trump’s caricature.

Pragmatic, Biden knows that going green cannot come at the expense of economic growth.

Concrete solutions

On the pandemic, when it would be so easy to get lost in recriminations, Biden emphasizes listening to science and the concrete solutions that he will have to engage.

When asked about his vision for the future, Joe Biden stressed the importance of restoring dignity and decency in politics.

Those who fled the sad spectacle offered by Donald Trump found a candidate in the other post who reminded them that dignity and decency in politics are not aberrations.

Voters who listened to him may have fundamental disagreements with Biden, but they saw that he is able to hear them and that it is not entirely illusory to restore decency and dignity to politics. from their country.

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