A cause close to their hearts

Two young 23-year-old Quebec entrepreneurs launched a fundraising campaign a few days ago to help little Justin Goyette, suffering from spinal muscular atrophy. Sensitive to family values, the company Fj Watches, which works in the field of fashion accessories such as watches and jewelry, carries out the annual launch of a unique bracelet, bearing the initials of the supported child. Last year, the company ran a similar campaign for little Leo with a brain tumor. The goal is to financially support the family in the ordeal by donating $ 10 per bracelet sold.

To get one of the magnificent bracelets signed JG and help the Goyette family, go to the website https://fjwatches.com/pages/jg-cause.

Entrepreneurs from here

Jérémy Dumont and Frédérick Robichaud have always been passionate about the world of fashion and more specifically in the field of watches. A college student in business administration, management and marketing, these two childhood friends had the idea of ​​starting their own business when they were only 20 years old.


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