Tim Hortons antimask recurs in courthouse

The offender who had trouble with the police in a Tim Hortons on the first day when the wearing of a mask became mandatory reapplied Wednesday by being arrested again, this time in a courthouse.

Marc-André Jean Legros, 31, will be brought to justice again for violating health rules during a pandemic.

The resident of Sainte-Adèle, in the Laurentians, presented himself Wednesday morning at the courthouse of Saint-Jérôme with a mask of the cyber-activist movement Anonymous.

He would then have removed it from his face in front of the usher who limits entry into the building to a minimum, according to our information. A special constable then asked him to hand it over, but Jean Legros would have refused.

So he was immediately shown the door. Although he had two active criminal files at that time, neither of them was processed on Wednesday.

Also according to our information, the recalcitrant did not want to hear anything and did not collaborate with the authorities. The peace officer then allegedly ordered him to leave immediately. But before leaving, Jean Legros would have threatened him with cayenne pepper spray.

Without wasting a second, the constable put him under arrest outside the palace, where his colleagues assisted him in handcuffing the individual.

Jean Legros was then released on a promise to appear in court in January. He could face a charge of threats.

From day 1

This is not the first escapade of this thirty-something since the start of the pandemic.

July 18 – first day when wearing a mask became mandatory inside shops -, Jean Legros, his face uncovered, was arrested by two police officers at Tim Hortons located at the corner of avenue Papineau and rue Jarry Est, in Montreal.

He persisted for about twenty seconds with the patrollers, before they lay him on the ground and neutralize him while he was constantly trying to get rid of their hold.

These images were filmed by his wife and quickly toured the web.

Marc-André Jean Legros during his arrest in July in a Tim Hortons in Montreal.

Photo from FACEBOOK

Marc-André Jean Legros during his arrest in July in a Tim Hortons in Montreal.

Then, almost two weeks ago, the man who nevertheless covers his face with a Halloween mask was filmed to denounce the “aggressive” arrest he says he suffered in Montreal.

He deplores the force used to contain him and claims that he had a medical problem that allowed him not to wear a face cover.


“I was peppered twice by the police just because I didn’t want to go out of my own accord,” he said, before showing the report of the Montreal Police Department on the screen. .

“With the cayenne pepper that I got in my mouth and in my eyes, I was no longer able to breathe. I asked to be able to stand up so that I could be handcuffed, ”he continues.

” Others [clients] who were there were enough sheep to let it happen [l’arrestation], after saying twice that I was suffocating and running out of air. Only once did I think I was dying because I really ran out of air, ”he says.

– With the collaboration of Christian Plouffe


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