Sophie Prégent: the cause that chose her

Sophie Prégent and Charles Lafortune were chosen by a cause. More than ever, they are getting involved in easing the burden on parents who, like them, deal with the reality of having a child with autism. First thanks to the series Autistic, now major, then through the foundation they just created.

In Autistic, now major, to ME AND CIE, continuation of Autistic, coming of age, we see the two actors do battle with the bureaucracy inherent in the entry of their boy, Mathis, into adulthood.

Since the laws were originally designed for children who must care for their aging parents, and not for moms and dads who must remain responsible for life for non-autonomous offspring, Charles and Sophie must become the curators of their family. young man of 18, but face the complications of paperwork.

“It’s long and tedious. You have to be patient. It’s a real problem, ”notes Sophie Prégent.

Fortunately, among other things thanks to the intervention of the two artists with the Prime Minister, during the first season of the show, the laws are called to change. And the Prégent-Lafortune couple do not intend to stop there: they have just set up the Autistic & Major Foundation, to support the quality of life of autistic adults. The group could thus, for example, promote the creation of workplaces in a professional environment and support day centers offering activities for people with autism and respite for their families.

“What we want is to finance the integration [des adultes autistes] and their autonomy, ”summarized Sophie Prégent when the project was unveiled.

Sophie Prégent: the cause that chose her


Mathis, a star

And Sophie Prégent affirms it without hesitation: the way people look at her son has changed sinceAutistic, coming of age exposed the challenges facing Mathis.

“They understand our reality better and are more patient and generous about it. I find that there was a collective awareness after the first year of broadcasting. People understand more with their hearts. ”

So much so, she softened, that Mathis has now become a star as well.

Sometimes people recognize Mathis even when Charles and Sophie aren’t there. “He’s with an educator who hasn’t been on TV, but they recognize Mathis. It makes me laugh, he’s made a small star. And the other autistic people on the show, it changed their lives too; they made friends, and we look at them in a different way in society. It’s very cute to see them together. ”

Longer at UDA?

Sophie Prégent is also currently filming in the series Alerts, intended for TVA, and her role as president of the Union des Artistes (UDA) keeps her particularly busy, the specter of COVID-19 complicating the lives of comedians, singers and shadow craftsmen.

Elected for the first time at the helm of the UDA in 2013, Sophie Prégent saw her mandate be renewed in 2019. For now, she still intends to hand over the reins to someone else when it expires. , in 2023. But the current context, plagued by the pandemic, if it is to stretch, could modify its plans.

“We will have to see in what economic and financial conditions I will leave the Union des artistes,” she explains. Currently, if my term ended today, I think I would ask for another, because it is not a gift to be given to anyone in this situation. I have links with the government, the Ministry of Culture and Communications, we work well together and we listen well. If I leave and someone else arrives, it will have to be done again, ”pleads Sophie Prégent.

Autistic, now major, Wednesday, at 7:30 p.m., at MOI ET CIE, with several reruns during the week. We can now make a donation to the Autistic & Major Foundation at

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