Quebec to the rescue of sports federations

The Legault government flies to the aid of sports federations and organizations after having reconfigured sports.

According to our information, Quebec will extend $ 70 million to give a boost to the sports and leisure community, greatly weakened by the pandemic.

Sports federations, student sports, training centers, summer camps and community recreation centers will be able to count on additional money this year to get through the crisis, according to a document obtained by our Parliamentary Office .

The amount of financial assistance will be established according to the usual rules, the subsidies being granted in particular according to the membership organizations.

$ 12 million for the QMJHL

A sum of $ 12 million will among other things be granted to the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, where cases of COVID-19 are increasing.

Several games have been postponed due to the suspension of team sports in the red zone, others following an outbreak of players tested positive for the virus.

An additional envelope will also be used to make sports, recreation and the outdoors more accessible to more disadvantaged families and young people in remote regions.

Organizations that promote sport for women and girls, who are often the first to drop physical activity, will also see their funding increase.

Avoid the departure of coaches

The Caquista government wishes to avoid a massive departure of coaches and organizers, if the second wave of the epidemic does not run out of steam and forces the authorities to ban the practice of team sports for several more weeks.

The precariousness of coaches and managers in the sports world is not new. No more than the difficulty, especially in certain regions far from major centers, to continue training.

The pandemic has made matters worse. According to our sources, money will be available to finance measures ensuring greater professionalization of the sports network.

There is also a reserve fund in the event of “additional needs”.

Team sports have been suspended since October 8 in regions on maximum alert. This break is scheduled at least until the end of the month, after which time public health authorities must reassess the situation.

Further help

  • Quebec will increase $ 70 million for sport and recreation, sectors hard hit by the pandemic.
  • Sports federations, student sports, training centers, holiday camps and community recreation centers will have access to it.
  • Among other things, a sum of $ 12 million will be granted to the QMJHL.
  • Organizations that promote sport among women and girls will be able to count on additional money this year.

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