Paul St-Pierre Paradoxical

I was listening to the new head of the PQ yesterday when I wondered if one of the PSPP “Ps” was referring to the word “paradoxical”.

He becomes leader … but will have to stay out of the game, because he is not elected. He says he is happy with this status, since it allows him to be “on the ground” … to affirm in the same breath that he will be almost full-time at the National Assembly: “I will be there during the three days.”

We have all understood it: the situation of Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon forces paradoxes, “association of two facts, two contradictory ideas”.

PSPP, co-spokesperson

He is certainly not the first to find himself in this type of difficult, if not impossible, situation common in politics.

When, in December 2008, Françoise David lost in Gouin while Amir Khadir won in Mercier, David had to content himself, to his disappointment, with playing the “extra-parliamentary” co-spokesperson.

Scenario she had been dreading for months.

In a letter to her activists, she wrote: if one of the two heads of QS was elected in the next ballot, it is she who would always have more visibility: “In fact, [l’élu] would become more or less the sole spokesperson for Québec solidaire. So to think about it. “

PSPP finds itself somewhat in the position of external co-spokesperson, since it will have the effective parliamentary leader Pascal Bérubé. Elected since 2007, he has been leading the boat for two years; it enjoys a greater reputation than that of PSPP.

It is Bérubé who will have the privilege of questioning the Prime Minister. (The latter replied by pointing out the absence of the “real” PQ leader at the Blue Salon.)

For now, Bérubé is showing himself to be a good player, predicting that he will make a “good duet” with his boss; not seeing “not yet” the theme on which the two would “not have the same position” …


Let us come back to QS, which had, however, in 2008, only one elected. No risk in such a case that a particular dynamic, which would end up excluding the “extra” leader, develops. But this is precisely what awaits PSPP, whose caucus is small, but composed of nine elected officials; and having its own dynamic since 2018.

René Lévesque, PSPP has repeatedly emphasized, has been extraparliamentary leader for a very long time: six years! From 1970, when the PQ took part in its first elections, to 1976, the year of the mythical election of November 15.

However, the status of non-elected USA Lévesque.

Two months before the victory, its “deputies openly and publicly challenged their leader” on a sensitive issue (the “airmen”), recalls Martine Tremblay in Behind closed doors (Quebec / America, 2006).

The young deputy Claude Charron, in an interview, deplored the total absence of “authentic leaders” in Quebec!

PSPP has not completely closed the door to an electoral attempt before the general elections of 2022. But could he, the urban, win in the region, where the PQ has its only last solid support? “Impossible,” said PQ Lorraine Richard yesterday on QUB radio. Urban leader of a regional party. We are not close to a paradox.

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