A first one-woman-show for Guylaine Tremblay

Guylaine Tremblay had the agreement of Yvon Deschamps to put on a first solo show based on his work.

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Entitled “I don’t know how, I don’t know why”, the show will revisit the periods of his life by borrowing the words and music of the legendary comedian.

This is a very intimate project that she has cherished for a very long time, could we read in a press release sent on Thursday. She has dedicated time to this project because of the free time that the pandemic has brought her.

“My wish, to put on a show with your wonderful Yvon songs! Not a simple turn of song as we usually hear it in our jargon, but rather a show where I can testify in words and in songs, of the great teacher of life, that probably without knowing it, you were for me, for us She writes.

“Guylaine has all my admiration and respect. I find myself very blessed, that she is told through my songs. Excellent project that I approve! I love this Guylaine so much that I will follow her on tour, ”said Yvon Deschamps.

The show will be presented on stage from August 2021 and throughout Quebec until June 2022. The staging is entrusted to the theater man Michel Poirier and the musical direction to Jean Fernand Girard.


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