Theater Prize: three awards for Les Plouffe

The theatrical adaptation of Plouffe was extremely successful at the Trident at the start of 2020 and won three prizes at the 2019-2020 Theater Awards.

This very first theatrical adaptation of the work of Roger Lemelin was awarded, at the beginning of the evening, during a gala broadcast online, for the Best supporting role, the Best direction and the Best costumes.

The Theater Awards, presented by the theaters of Quebec, are awarded to reward the achievements of the theatrical seasons. An incomplete season for the one that ended abruptly last March.

Jean-Michel Girouard received the Janine-Angers prize, for Best supporting role, with his very great performance with the character of Napoleon Plouffe.

Maryse Lapierre was rewarded for her directing work and Sébastien Dionne for costume design.

“This is my most important project so far and my best moment in theater. I have rarely been so happy and excited about a project, ”said Maryse Lapierre, after receiving her prize.

Hugues Frenette won the Paul-Hébert Prize, which rewards a performer who has distinguished himself in a leading role, for his character in The Man in the Play Slowly the beauty, which opened the 2019-2020 season of La Bordée.

The Nicky-Roy Prize, which recognizes the exceptional talent of a young actor who has practiced his art for less than three years, was awarded to Laurence Champagne, for his performance of Juliette Capulet in Romeo and Juliet, presented at the Trident

Laura Amar received the award for Best Original Text with Nikki will not die climb to First Act. It was the first text of the young author and actress.

Alan Lake won the Prix Jacques-Pelletier (lighting, makeup, video design and puppets) for The Duchess of Langeais.

The Paul-Bussières Prize, which rewards the scenography, was awarded to Véronique Bertrand for the play Red presented at La Bordée.

The musician Josué Beaucage won the Bernard-Bonnier Prize, for the best sound environment, for his work on The Caucasian chalk circle.

Each of the Laureates, in addition to their prize, receives a scholarship of $ 1,000.

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