The fall maintenance of your car in 5 points

Fall 2020 is very different from all previous due to this second wave of COVID-19, but for anyone who owns a car, SUV or truck, one constant must remain: maintenance.

Indeed, this is not the time to lose our good habits and neglect the care we give to our vehicles. But beyond the inevitable tire change, what should fall maintenance consist of? The Car Guide presents here some reminders and recommendations …

1. Rustproofing

Who says autumn often says anti-rust. Before the snow and calcium of winter show up, many motorists resort to this type of treatment each year to prevent these unsightly small spots on the bodywork and especially below.

If you plan to keep your vehicle for a long time, it is beneficial to do so, even if vehicles are more resistant today. Because of a general nature, nothing costs more on a car than bodywork and painting, but also because a rust preventer protects various parts of the underbody.

Please note: not all treatments are really effective. Click here to find out more.

2. Brakes

Fall is a good time to do good brake maintenance, which will be strained during the winter. In order to achieve long-term savings, it would be to your advantage to schedule a visit to the garage before the winter season (why not at the same time as the tire change?) In order to carry out a good check of your system. braking.

You could take the opportunity to have it disassembled, cleaned and lubricated properly. Of course, you will be charged additional costs. On the other hand, by taking such a precaution, you will considerably increase the life of the parts of your brake system. Click here to find out more.

Photo: Laurent St-Onge

3. Dead leaves

Is it true that dead leaves and samaras that have fallen on a vehicle must be removed quickly so as not to damage the paint? Yes, reminds CAA-Quebec, the sooner the better. Like the sap of a tree, the leaves can leave stains on the bodywork. They can also clog water drainage channels or rot in car air intakes when they accumulate at the bottom of the windshield. Tip: A well-waxed car will be more protected against leaves.

4. Interior cleaning

Still have memories of your summer vacation in your car? Now is the time to fix it! This refers to crumbs, waste, stones and other residues lying around on the floor or in the seats and storage. Clean up your interior to start fresh for the cold season.

Don’t forget the trunk. No need to lug around camping gear or sports equipment that is only used in the summer. Take them out and take the opportunity to put in place an emergency repair kit during the winter. Click here to see the contents of the Perfect Kit.

446019 l entretien automnal de votre voiture en 5 points

Photo: Porsche AG

5. Overview

Other checks are in order in the fall to prepare your car for the winter season. Inspect belts and hoses for any bulges, cracks, or leaks that may be made worse by temperature variations. Make sure that the alternator is in good condition, as is the battery, as the electrical circuits will be more stressed during the winter. Also, examine the block heater using a device designed for this purpose (its wire and electrical outlet must be free of any cracks).

Finally, polish your headlights which have suffered too much from the vagaries of time (with the darkness more present, good lighting of the road is essential), replace the wiper blades if they show signs of wear that affect their efficiency (precipitation is normally more abundant in the fall) and fill up with windshield washer fluid designed for winter temperatures.

Good maintenance and safe driving!

In video: Antoine Joubert helps you prepare your car for winter

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