The last four finalists for Goncourt unveiled

(Paris) Cameroonian Djaïli Amadou Amal (Impatient) is one of the four finalists selected Tuesday for the Goncourt, the most prestigious French literary prize to be awarded on November 10.

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Impatient (Emmanuelle Collas), with a strong autobiographical content, revolves around strong themes, forced marriage and polygamy. For the other finalists, The anomaly (Gallimard), by Hervé Le Tellier, weaves a breathless suspense on an inexplicable event that Western society is struggling to rationalize, while The historiographer of the Kingdom (Grasset) by Maël Renouard tells about Morocco. Finally, Theseus, his new life (Verdier), by Camille de Toledo, takes place against a background of depression and a heavy family past.

Mohammed Aïssaoui was therefore eliminated from the final race, Tightrope walkers (Gallimard), Miguel Bonnefoy, Heritage (Shores), Irène Frain, An unimportant crime (Seuil) and Jean-Pierre Martin, My fools (Olive Tree).

Le Goncourt has already been talked about this fall with the “Carrère affair”: Yoga, a big hit in bookstores, sparked a passionate debate on the limits between fiction and true story, after the author’s ex-wife denounced its untruths in the media. Finally, on October 6, the book was eliminated from the race at Goncourt during a second selection.

COVID-19 requires, it is by videoconference that the Academicians deliberated and voted at the end of the morning on Tuesday. Le Goncourt had already announced in September that it was also abandoning the traditional crush at the Drouant restaurant in Paris for its 2020 edition. The winner, on November 10, will be announced from the balcony at 12:45 p.m.

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