Instagram releases 3 new features to mark its 10th anniversary

This year Instagram, the photo and video sharing platform, is celebrating its 10th anniversary! On the occasion of its birthday, it offers its users new features, including a calendar of memories.

Since its debut in October 2010, Instagram has not stopped evolving and pushing its limits as a social network.

Today, it has become the preferred platform of millions of users in addition to being an important asset to keep

A new way to enjoy memories

Every time we publish a story on Instagram, it is archived in our settings after 24 hours for a maximum of three years, and we can go back to watch them when we feel like it.

To do this, the only option was to scroll through an anti-chronological grid. Unfortunately for our memory it was full of bugs and it was quite difficult to read.

Good news for the nostalgic, Instagram has launched two new options to display them that really work better: the calendar, to see when the stories have been captured, and the map, to remind us or they have been captured.

There are now three ways to take advantage of our story archive.

Decorate your screen with the colors of the past

Technology is advancing rapidly, and so is its look.

Instagram has thought of all those nostalgic for its vintage look and offers a throwback to its classic logo which has changed drastically since 2016.

For the whole month of October, we have the possibility to go back and customize the logo of the application on our phone using a few manipulations of the settings:

  1. Log in to your account and select settings from your profile.
  2. Scroll up until you see emojis.
  3. Choose the icon of your choice and confirm its addition to the home screen.

change instagram icon look

Here’s how to display the good ol ‘Instagram logo on your phone.

Want to take care of its users

The latest novelty that was launched as part of the 10e The platform’s anniversary is much more meaningful than mere cosmetic additions and rather aims to counter bullying and cyberstalking.

Several months after having acquiredcomment management tools, the platform goes ahead and sets up an artificial intelligence that automatically masks comments similar to those that have already been reported.

For their part, people who want to post hurtful or inappropriate comments will be warned twice rather than once, hoping that they will take a moment to think about what they are about to post.

This latest innovation is currently in the test phase, but should be deployed for everyone in the days to come. It applies to comments written in English, but also to those in French.

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