He was traveling at 214 km / h in broad daylight on the highway in Lévis

A young driver was fined nearly $ 2,000 for driving at the dizzying and dangerous speed of 214 km / h in a 100 km / h zone on Autoroute 20 in Lévis.

The 20-year-old offender was traveling at this insane speed in broad daylight, Wednesday, eastbound, when he was picked up by the speedometer of a Sûreté du Québec patroller, around noon.

For this discrepancy, the young man, originally from Lévis, received a statement of offense of $ 1984, the police force said in a press release.

In addition, 24 demerit points were added to his driving record, and his driver’s license was suspended for a period of seven days. His vehicle was also put into storage, police said.


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