COVID-19: Foster families feel forgotten

In the very difficult context of COVID-19, foster families in Quebec feel forgotten and cry out from the heart for better recognition.

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Host families note that they are “the big forgotten ones in the health and social services network”. They ask the government to offer them the support they need to accomplish their important task with the children of the DYP.

This is the message that the Central of Democratic Unions wants to send to the leaders, in a press release published this morning. The union brings together some 3,500 family-type resources (RTF) for children and adults.

It highlights the daily challenges these families face. These have been increasing since the start of the pandemic.

The president, Luc Vachon, is worried. “While the second wave has been declared and the population is asked to confine themselves, host families have another reality. In addition to their biological family unit, some of them are entrusted with up to nine children who go to school, work, also visit their biological family and meet their social workers at home. It increases the risk of contamination drastically, ”he says.

The RTF deplore the cut of aid that had been granted to them in the spring, in the wake of the pandemic.

This was an increase in reasonable operating expenses to cover all the hygiene measures required. “However, this bonus was withdrawn this summer, without justification or notice,” said the president, who announced the multiple attempts to receive explanations. In vain, he said. The union is now calling for this bonus to be standardized.

“By withdrawing this bonus for no reason in July, the government is showing them a flagrant lack of recognition for the work done by these kind-hearted people.”

The CSD has launched a campaign to recognize host families to publicize their role, which it considers essential.

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