Canadian Tire Money Notes Still Refused

Even if it accepts Canadian cash in its branches, the Canadian Tire brand still refuses to take its own paper money due to the pandemic. Management assures us that this is not the end of one of the oldest loyalty programs across Canada.

For several years now, the company has been trying to attract consumers to its electronic channel with its loyalty card to accumulate dollars. These can be used when purchasing products.

Remember that in 2016, in order to support its digital offensive, the Canadian company notably put an end to paper discount coupons in its flyers, which allowed consumers to multiply the dollars collected when purchasing gasoline.

It was necessary to present them to obtain the various promotions.

Lack of consistency?

Last spring, due to COVID-19, the retailer’s management decided to stop taking Canadian Tire money from its stores, which range in value from 5 cents to $ 2. Some people have complained about the lack of consistency of the chain on social networks, that is to take the cash, but not the Canadian Tire tickets?

The banner’s management indicated in an email that they had made this choice in order to “protect the health of its employees and customers”. The company has also stopped distributing Canadian Tire paper money since March.

“We encourage our customers to use our Triangle Rewards program, a quick and easy way to collect and redeem Canadian Tire money electronically,” said spokesperson Cindy Hoffman, emphasizing zero-cost payment options. contact.

The company still has no timeline for resuming this service.

On the side of the Consumer Protection Office (OPC), it is mentioned that they have not received a complaint on this subject.

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