[BALADO] The Pay Zone: A week full of news in the NFL

Week 5 in the NFL has given rise to both heartening and disturbing news. On one side of the spectrum, quarterback Alex Smith made a triumphant return to the football field after going through a long ordeal. On the other side, one of her peers, Dak Prescott, is on a long road to recovery after seriously injuring her ankle. The paying zone takes a look at these two events and several other news in the NFL.

There is no shortage of action on the pitch, as teams like the Cleveland Browns and Las Vegas Raiders continue to shuffle the waters with inspired play. It is difficult to say the same for the finalists of the last Super Bowl, the San Francisco 49ers, whose quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has a performance that sows doubt.

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Elsewhere in the NFL, failing to be talked about for good reasons, the New York Jets created a shockwave by releasing Le’Veon Bell. Who is responsible for this situation which quickly turned sour, and where could the ball carrier end up?

Jean Carrier and Stéphane Cadorette also comment on the duels to come in week 6, and the always juicy column “At the bar” this week pays the milking to a legend, nothing less!

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