A lot of noise for nothing

The controversy surrounding Guys will probably help the comedy to entice a large number of viewers. It remains to be seen whether they will stay tuned once their curiosity is sated.

The question arises because after watching four episodes (which land on the ICI Tou.tv Extra on Thursday), we are not yet convinced.

Age may be a factor. Insofar as the plot of Guys revolves around four men in their fifties in the midst of an existential crisis: Christian (Christian Bégin), a bourgeois ascendant university professor who collects ephemeral relationships, Simon (Alexis Martin), a newly separated freelance translator, Martin (Normand Daneau), a lifelong commuter, and Etienne (Yanic Truesdale), a gym owner determined to stay “shaped” to continue to interest other gay singles.

Their anxieties are not without interest, but as long as you linger over them for 10 half-hours, we would have liked to laugh more.

Sit down my uncle!

The start of Guys sparked a mini-controversy last fall. Some people criticized Radio-Canada for giving an additional voice to male issues.

In the end, you don’t have to tear your shirt. The series also presents strong female characters (played by Nathalie Malette, Lynda Johnson, Julie Ménard and Myriam Debonville) who never hesitate to criticize the discourse of the central quartet, which one could sometimes qualify as “mononcle”.

In video-conference Wednesday, the first director of dramas and feature films of the public broadcaster, André Béraud, indicated that after giving a lot of space to women’s issues in series such as The Simones, Let go and Too much, it was “fun” to offer the male counterpart.

Far from Parents

Directed by Ricardo Trogi (nineteen eighty one, The Blue House), the first season of Guys marks the return of Jacques Davidts to the small screen, but in a completely different niche. While with The parents, the author aimed at the 7 to 77 years, this time, it is addressed to adults and vaccinated.

Because in each episode, there is a lot of talk about sex, more precisely about “seed size”, “crossage”, pipes, etc.

In other words, when the series migrates to ICI Télé, it will certainly occupy the 9 p.m. or 9:30 p.m. time slot.

Disrupted shoots

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the filming of Guys when there was only one day of filming left. Producer Guillaume Lespérance (Discussions with my parents, everyone talks about it) pulled the plogue on March 15 when he learned that one of the actors was feverish. At the time of making this decision, Lespérance believed he could resume this day two weeks later and deliver the series as planned in June. This was without counting on the general interruption of filming, decreed during the following days, which stretched over four months.

In the end, Ricardo Trogi filmed the last scenes on July 25.

As for the inconvenienced comedian, tests confirmed that in the end, he did not contract COVID-19. “But there was no chance to take,” says Guillaume Lespérance.


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