Trudeau on the defensive over possible creation of an anti-corruption committee

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is probably not keen on the idea of ​​the creation of a special anti-corruption committee, desired by the Conservatives and the Bloc to return to the WE Charity affair.

“We’re in a second wave now, and […] as a government, we will continue to have our ‘focus’ on COVID-19. Conservatives want to talk about petty politics [et de] WE Charity, ”he said at a press conference on Tuesday.

During the Thanksgiving long weekend, the official opposition called for the creation of a parliamentary anti-corruption committee to resume investigations into the apparent conflict of interest case involving the organization WE Charity. The Bloc Québécois supports the idea. The New Democratic Party, for its part, did not respond to the QMI Agency’s request for comment late Tuesday afternoon.

The inquiries into the WE Charity affair – which kept the Liberals in embarrassment this summer – were halted when the Trudeau government prorogued Parliament in an attempt, he said, to present a new Speech from the Throne in line with the reality of COVID-19.

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“It’s been months since I appeared in committee, answered questions, sent thousands of pages of documents […] If the Conservatives want to keep talking about this rather than focusing on Canadians, that is their choice, ”argued Mr. Trudeau.

He pointed out that the parliamentary committees, which have been resuming their work since last Thursday, carry out their activities independently.

When is the health transfers meeting?

In addition, Mr. Trudeau assured that the meeting he promised with his provincial counterparts on health transfers will indeed take place this fall, as agreed. However, he still has not announced a date on Tuesday.

The premiers are calling for a $ 28 billion increase in Ottawa’s contribution to cover health costs, through federal transfers.

However, Mr. Trudeau especially insisted on Tuesday on the discussion he wishes to have on long-term care centers and on his idea of ​​national standards in this regard.

“We should not see seniors who are better protected or less well protected in one region or another of the country,” he said, adding that he intends to discuss ways to standardize the quality of care. during his next weekly meeting with the premiers

Quebec Premier François Legault was visibly stung by this remark, not hesitating to say that Mr. Trudeau “is playing with fire”.

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