Shock for a Quebecer in a Florida bar

A Quebecer who resides in San Diego on the American West Coast was stunned during a trip to Florida to find the total absence of physical distancing measures in a nightclub.

Marc-Olivier Caron captured images of his visit to this nightclub on Saturday, where he seems to be the only one to wear the mask. There is nothing here to remind people that a pandemic is raging all over the planet.

“When I arrived in Florida, it was another world,” the young man explained on LCN Tuesday.

It was with friends that he visited this place, and although he knew a little what to expect, he was completely shocked.

“I walked into the bar and the first thought I had was: ‘you’re kidding me! What are you doing here?””

However, he remained on his guard, despite the effects of the alcohol which were beginning to be felt, but also the sometimes derogatory comments from customers about him, because he was wearing his mask.

“My first thought was to go to the third floor in the open air. On the terrace of the bar, and to stay away from people and stay with my small group of friends. I was made fun of, treated as a little timid … “

Nevertheless, he knew how to keep his mask during the evening, also encouraging his relatives to do the same.

“I hope I was saved … We’ll see. I was tested this morning! I want to have peace of mind, ”he emphasizes.

He hopes he hasn’t caught the disease, even though he’s been in this crowded bar for about 30 minutes.

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