Nest Audio: Google’s new voice assistant focuses on sound quality

Google is launching a new voice assistant called Nest Audio. This new speaker obviously allows us to control our home automation devices through the command: Ok Google. But it is above all for the quality of the sound that this new assistant stands out.

Voice assistants are proliferating in our homes and one of the main shortcomings for some is in their sound quality.

It’s true that the little Nest Home helper doesn’t sound particularly great when playing music.

Although there are solutions with better sound quality such as the Home Max or the Echo Studio, these are more expensive and bigger.

Google has therefore decided to make a nice compromise with Nest Audio by offering good sound quality for our music, while remaining compact and at an attractive price.

The Google Nest Audio blends in well with the surroundings with a compact design.

50% more bass and 75% more volume

Nest Audio isn’t reinventing the wheel when it comes to voice assistants. It is used like any other assistant. Whether it’s to control our home automation devices, ask Google a question, start a timer or listen to music.

It is precisely for music lovers that Google is launching the Nest Audio, since this new voice assistant puts the emphasis on sound quality.

The big difference is in the bass sounds, the bass. Nest Audio has a 75mm mid-woofer speaker that gives great power and richness to our music.

Nest Audio voice assistant speakerphone

Nest Audio stands out for its bass thanks to a mid-woofer speaker.

Whether you listen to rap, pop or rock, the result is very appreciable. Much more than the little Nest Home assistant.

If you like to listen to podcasts or the radio, Nest Audio automatically detects this and will therefore increase the volume of your voice. The sounds of the voices are clear and there is no lack of detail.

In particular, you can turn the volume up or down and stop the music by pressing the touch zones located at the top of Nest Audio.

Nest Audio voice assistant Google speaker

You can always turn off the Nest Audio microphone using the button on the back.

In addition, you can get two Nest Audio and make a small stereo sound system. Otherwise, we can put it in different rooms and ask Google to continue the music in the other room when we move.

However, we did notice a small drawback with the Nest Audio microphone.

Although Google specifies that the microphone is able to pick up our voice over music, there are times when this is not the case at all.

When a timer is sounding or music is playing, it is not uncommon that 15-20 feet away Nest Audio cannot hear the famous command: “Ok Google”.

However, in a quieter environment, Nest Audio can hear the command clearly even if you are far enough away.

If you don’t like it for the privacy aspect, it’s still possible to turn off the mic using a button on the back of the device.

All in all, the Nest Audio is a nice compromise for those who are in the Google ecosystem, or who want to be, and who want a voice assistant with good sound quality to listen to their music.

Nest Audio sells for $ 129 and comes in charcoal black, chalk white, sand pink, sage green, and sky blue. Perfect to match it to the room where you want to put it!

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