Google Photos adds tools to improve the quality of our images

Google Photos online photo storage app adds new tools to edit and improve the quality of our shots. You can follow Google’s suggestions or even play around with the different editing tools yourself.

Gone are the days of taking pictures with a camera, when all of our shots are taken from our smartphone.

To free up space on your device, you can opt for an online storage solution for our photos.

Whether we are on Android or iOS, Google Photos is practical in this regard and allows us to consult our photos from our Google account, regardless of the device on which we are.

The Google Photos mobile app now goes a step further than storage and offers many editing tools to help us improve the quality of our photos.

The Google Photos application offers new editing tools to improve our photos.

Make your adjustments or let Google Photos do them for you

The editing functions of the Google Photos app have so far been quite limited. We could crop a photo, add a filter or annotate on an image.

Now, there are many more tools to allow us to play with our photos.

When we open a photo on the application and press the edit tab, we find several options at the tip of our finger.

Google Photos mobile app tools enhance photos images

The Google Photos Suggestions tab allows us to quickly edit an image.

We first find the tab: Suggestions. We are offered different editing options depending on the type of photos we have taken. It could be to improve the quality, add a filter, adjust the brightness, etc.

It’s in the tab: Adjust that we find however the most tools.

Here is in particular what we can adjust on our photos:

  • The blur of portrait mode
  • The color focus
  • The luminosity
  • Color contrasts
  • Light tones
  • The shadows
  • Saturation
  • Sharpness
  • Vignetting
  • Blue tones
  • The tone of skin tone
  • The tint
  • The heat

So many options that allow photo enthusiasts to edit as they wish the pictures they have just taken or that they have taken in the past.

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