Josiane Comeau seduces with her completely reinvented version of “La Ballade de Jean Batailleur”

This Sunday took place the crucial stage of the semi-final of The voice. Crucial, because it is this week that we will know who will be the four participants who will make it to the final.

During the evening, the singers gave their all, but one performance particularly won over both the judges and the viewers. It is that of Josiane Comeau, who offered a revisited and modernized version of the classic song The ballad of Jean Batailleur, by Zachary Richard.

The young girl of only 19 years old proved, once again, the full extent of her talent with her magnificent performance, which earned her a place in the final with 87% of the votes.

Pandemic forces, the families of the participants cannot be there. It is therefore on the big screen, live, that relatives can applaud the performances of the participants. For Josiane, we could see her father, Jacques. Recall that the latter also made it to the semi-finals during The Voice 7.

Josiane received good words from the coaches, starting with Marc Dupré, who underlined his development and his voice with incomparable accuracy. He also praised the fact that she came back, after a refusal, and that this is a beautiful message for young people. “The dreams are not behind, they are ahead,” he said to the young woman.

Then, Coeur de Pirate, Josiane’s coach, was full of praise for the performance of his candidate. Visibly moved, the singer compared herself to “a mother who will see her child at her figure skating competition”.

More seriously, she praised Josiane’s talent, while thanking her by the band.

“It’s your first competition, it’s the first time I’m a coach. I dare to hope that I gave you as much as you gave me ”, dropped Coeur de Pirate.

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