Here are fifty ideas to keep morale up during confinement

Many feel it, confinement affects the morale of Quebecers, and it is undeniable.

In May, we were already reporting that one in two Canadians were experiencing mental health challenges due to confinement. While Quebec is plunged into the second wave of the pandemic, experts are worried.

In order to overcome an unpleasant feeling, you have to be able to name it, welcome it, and accept it.

But how to live with a negative feeling?

Welcome him

Writing down our thoughts may be cliché, but oh how a great help. If writing isn’t your cup of tea, we can always draw, sing, meditate, dance or list out loud what isn’t working in order to pinpoint the problem.

Accept it

Now that you have found the problem, or part of it, several activities are available to you to clean up your mind, and to cohabit peacefully with this slight discomfort.

Here are some activities that can help you relax and keep you busy during this second lockdown.

Play sports

It’s obvious, but still important to mention, physical activity is an important ally when it comes to well-being. In addition to the sports widely practiced during the lockdown last spring (such as walking, running, biking and yoga), here are some suggestions to consider …

Learn to skateboard or inline skating

It’s never too late to learn a sport. And for those who wish to make a return on their assets, these activities are also completely free means of transport once the equipment has been purchased. The height of the bargain, tutorials are available on YouTube, so you can learn alone in your parking lot!

Go hiking or parkour

You may not be happy with the idea of ​​riding. Perhaps these pedestrian sports will be more in your strings. They allow you to devote 100% to the present moment and to clear your mind. By taking on small challenge after small challenge, it will be rewarding to see the simultaneous evolution of your physical form as well as your morale.

Dust off the Wii

If staying indoors is your ultimate goal, maybe it’s time to reconnect with some video games such as Wii Sports or Just dance. Hidden in a pleasant atmosphere, these games will allow you to move, to stay active on a daily basis, but above all to have fun.

Follow exercise influencers

Several youtubers publish daily videos of complete workouts targeting cardiovascular performance, or specific muscle groups. These videos can be 10 to 45 minutes long, or even longer. These being motivating and engaged, there is something for everyone. This could become your way of staying active by avoiding large training rooms, closed in the red zone.

Always remember: you are doing these activities for fun. There is no reason to put pressure on yourself to perform.

Small list of wellness activities

  • Read a novel or a comic book.
  • Listen to a movie, documentary or your favorite series.
  • Clean up, pick up superfluous items in your field of vision.
  • Rethink the location of your furniture.
  • Cook a good meal, then enjoy it.
  • Call someone close to you, they probably need social contact as much as you do now.
  • Enjoy free shows on YouTube (several shows byhumor or from music are available on the platform, as well as the entire Kaamelott, for a little comeback in 2005).
  • Learn to paint with Bob ross.
  • Do embroidery.
  • Knit mittens for your loved ones.
  • Collage with old photos, newspaper clippings, leaves falling from neighboring trees.
  • Learn to play a musical instrument, or just sing along in the shower.
  • Draw or color.
  • Getting into the world of DIY (DIY, home-made, Do it yourself).
  • Learn sign language, or any other language.
  • Start gardening in order to have indoor plants this winter.
  • Engage in a huge puzzle.
  • Learn new makeup techniques.
  • Take pictures of the neighborhood, of your cat, whatever, even if you are using your cell phone camera.
  • Bring out old video games.
  • Learn a new line dance (we recommend those of By The Rivers Of Babylon as well as Man! I Feel Like A Woman).
  • Discover an unknown field (real estate, finance, aviation, science, psychology, physical exercise, etc.).

Awaken our five senses

If the urge to do nothing remains, you can still have fun by stimulating your five senses.

The smell: A candle or essential oils can make all the difference in a day. The smell of eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, and many more can really help you relax.

View: If you need a boost, the sun is here for you. Open the curtains, and even the windows, then let the outside air fill your lungs. If, on the contrary, you are looking to calm down, the soft light of the candles is a good alternative to the intense beams of the bulbs.

Hearing: Ambient noises affect our mood. It’s up to you to see what would do you good: a classic playlist, indie, or just background music from your favorite massage parlor. It can also be the sound of rain, of a flowing river, the song of birds. The magic of technology is that everything is at your fingertips.

Taste: Stimulating your taste buds, it could be eating your favorite food, spoiling yourself with a candy, or even having your comfort food favorite before you embark on a movie marathon. Do you fancy a shish-taouk? Pulled pork poutine? Several delivery options are available to you.

Touch: We often forget this meaning which remains very important. Nothing beats a good bath, or even a hot shower. Otherwise, you can indulge in a self-massage, wear thick, padded socks, bury yourself under layers of soft blankets, or even cream your body.

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