Corey Crawford at Devils: Martin Brodeur explains why

New Jersey Devils goaltender Corey Crawford is happy to join Martin Brodeur’s team and that feeling is mutual.

He offered some information on the circumstances that led to the arrival of the former Chicago Blackhawks. Initially, the Devils did not believe they had a small chance to speak with the principal concerned in the days before the market of the autonomy of the National League on Friday. They believed his return to the Windy City was guaranteed.

“I have a good relationship with his agent Gilles Lupien. When I was younger it was mine. So, I called him two minutes after the signing started and asked him: is he really serious about going somewhere else? We started talking, ”said Brodeur, executive vice president of the Devils.

Brodeur then called Crawford and reminded him of 2012, when the former Devils star goalie had the opportunity to join the Hawks as a free agent. The famous number 30 had chosen to stay in the same place.

“They offered me exactly the same amount as the Devils and wanted me to be Corey Crawford’s mentor. I obviously decided to stay in New Jersey and that was the year he won his first Stanley Cup, admitted Brodeur of his avowed admirer. There, I told him that I could have ruined everything then. “

Important maintenance

On Sunday, reported that Crawford was saddened to have to pack his bags. On the other hand, he is ready for a new life within the organization for which Brodeur has excelled for a long time. He believes that this is indeed the case.

“When I told him about a change of scenery – I experienced it at the end of my career – he was hesitant about it. So I touched on the next chapter of his professional journey with him and I can say that the last 10 minutes of our discussion was very different from the first 10. The level of enthusiasm was climbing, ”said Brodeur.

“It’s a new step, he seems excited and said he was nervous. But I told him it’s normal. ”

In the Devils, Crawford should be a reliable teammate for the other goaltender, Mackenzie Blackwood. Also, he may have his work cut out for him, as the Devils will try to move up the ranks after a tough 2019-2020 season.

“I don’t mean to be too harsh in saying this, but I’m sure he’ll face a high volume of throws once or twice,” the manager predicted. His presence gives us flexibility in front of the net. He and Blackwood will allow our young people to develop. Our players will not pay the price for every mistake they make. ”

“We don’t know if we’ll make the playoffs or what will happen, but we want to give ourselves the best chance. We believe that a high level goalie like Corey will allow us to be in the game in every game and fight for a place in the playoffs, while improving. ”

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