NFL: another Patriots game postponed

The Denver Broncos-Patriots duel was postponed to October 18 by the NFL due to COVID-19 that hit the New England organization.

In a short press release, the Goodell circuit said the two teams will be on leave during week 5 of the regular calendar. ESPN reported that the game will be held seven days later than originally scheduled; indeed, the league had initially postponed the meeting to this Monday, but the situation is not sufficiently conducive to its presentation. In addition, the clash between the Patriots and the Miami Dolphins next week will also be postponed.

In recent days, three positive cases for the coronavirus have been identified among the “Pats”. Cam Newton, Stephon Gilmore and Bill Murray have been placed in quarantine.

Not better at the Titans

On the Tennessee side, another staff member tested positive

Consequently, the club’s facilities remain closed and it will be necessary to know the intentions of the NFL regarding the next games of the Titans.

The latter had already seen their meeting of last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers postponed. They are set to cross swords with the Buffalo Bills on Tuesday, unless the NFL decides otherwise.

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