Jason McCourty very critical of the NFL

While the New England Patriots are among the teams affected by the spate of COVID-19 cases hitting the NFL, veteran cornerback Jason McCourty said on Saturday that neither the League nor the Players’ Association are breaking down. really worried about the health of the athletes.

“They don’t care about us, or our health and safety. Rather, it’s what they can add to protocols that sound good or look good, and how we can play games, ”McCourty told the NFL Network.

Three positive cases for the coronavirus were discovered among the “Pats” recently, while Cam Newton, Stephon Gilmore and Bill Murray were placed in quarantine. McCourty believes those who do not have to deal with the situation up close cannot see how the pandemic is bothering athletes.

“Between the players, the coaches, the administration, the staff, it’s our responsibility to take care of others to make sure we are ready physically and mentally, because I believe that outside of here , the people who don’t need to come into our building, whether they are league officials or the Players’ Association, they don’t care, ”he continued.

McCourty is also not very fond of games constantly postponed this season. The Patriots’ Week 5 duel against the Denver Broncos has been moved from Sunday to Monday due to the positive cases, giving Bill Belichick’s men little preparation time.

The team’s training complex was only reopened on Saturday. “It’s definitely frustrating,” said McCourty. The only thing we’re used to as players is having a routine. ”


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