“I have long been insecure”

It is no coincidence that Joe Bocan chose to give Do you still love me ? as the title of his compilation of his greatest hits. Because this question, the singer has secretly formulated to the public on several occasions in recent years. A rather paradoxical admission for the one whose titles marked a whole generation of Quebec music lovers.

“I have long been so insecure Joe Bocan breathes on the phone.

In maintenance at Newspaper, the singer talks about the disappointment felt following her latest album of original songs, Magnifying glass, which did not have the influence hoped for when it was released in 2013. This famous question, whether the public still carries it in their hearts and in their memories, then came back at a gallop, trotting in her head on different occasions since.

The most recent ? When we approached her to take part in the tour project For a one-night stand, alongside Marie Carmen and Marie Denise Pelletier. Initiated last February, the series of shows was interrupted, of course, by the outbreak of COVID-19.

“I was surprised that I was offered it. Me, with these two great singers? But finally, I realized that I had my place on stage by their side, ”says Joe Bocan.

Idle tour

She did not have to wait very long for confirmation. Hailed both by the public and by critics, the project was successful at each performance. The singer does not hide her disappointment at seeing the tour put on the back burner until the sanitary measures allow the three accomplices to take over.

“The last few months have been difficult. All that takes us into a kind of deep sadness, to which I do everything I can not to cling, ”she confides.

It is also thanks to For a one-night stand that fans can now get hold of this new Do you still love me ?, bringing together 14 titles from Joe Bocan’s repertoire. Start from scratch, These veiled women, We talk about the eyes, Paradoxical, Apocalypso… In short, all the essentials appear together for the first time.

“After concerts, when we met people, I was asked very, very often if I had an album of my greatest hits. So it made me realize that, yes, people still want to hear my songs again. And I couldn’t deny them that, ”she explains, laughing.

Back to the past

Obviously, the release of this compilation pushed Joe Bocan to go back in time, evoking memories of her beginnings, while she sang in the bars of the Latin Quarter of Montreal. This era ended in the late 1980s when Start from scratch propelled her to the top of the radio charts.

However, it would have been near for his career to take a very different turn. In fact, it might have never even started, as radios were initially reluctant to play. Start from scratch.

“My press officer at the time, Loui Mauffette, worked very hard to convince them to play my song. And finally, when they accepted, I was super happy. But I still didn’t know what was to come next. I have never been a careerist, never thought about the next successes, ”recalls the singer.

But today, Joe Bocan knows very well what will be the result, announcing to have ideas full of the head. In addition to the resumption of the tour For a one-night stand, expected next year, the singer intends to return on record with original songs.

“I have a lot of projects for the next few years”, she promises, without revealing more.

The album Do you still love me is currently on the market.


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