I embark: a hashtag to motivate young people to respect the instructions

A young woman who decided to post a video on Instagram to invite young people to respect the sanitary instructions has had some success: uploaded last week, the video had been viewed more than 40,000 times as of Saturday.

With the hashtag # 28jembarque, Annabella Carbonneau hopes to reach out to young people who do not watch Prime Minister Legault’s press briefings.

Since gatherings with friends in the park and everywhere else are prohibited due to COVID-19, she figured the best way to draw the attention of young people to the importance of respecting sanitary rules was through social networks.

“What happens to LCN, then the press releases from Mr. Legault, it is sure that the message is important, except that if we do not look at it, we miss the messages. Then that’s how I wanted to pass my message: by social networks, on Instagram, ”said the young woman.

“I did it all and I thought to myself it works or it doesn’t. Finally, my friends, my relatives supported me in this. Everyone shared the video on Instagram and then I tried to kick that into the situation that if you do the 28 days [de respect des mesures], it’s cooler than if you don’t, ”added Annabella Carbonneau.

“I tried to show it in a more positive, more fun way. I say to myself, crime, if you see in your friend in the video, if you say to yourself, for example, he is in confinement, that will perhaps motivate you too. Because in the end, it is our future that will be affected, then it is now that we can change things. ”

The video uploaded to Instagram a week ago received 82 comments, still as of Saturday.


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