Children’s TV: full throttle!

Who better than skillful TV characters behind the wheel to fill children’s need for adrenaline, without risking injury and disappointment? Here are six shows that will delight young speed enthusiasts.

“Lego Friends: five girls on a mission”

Andréa, Emma, ​​Stéphanie, Olivia and Mia have their hearts set on their shoulders and hate injustices. But what should not be forgotten is that these five friends also have a strong desire to win when you turn on the machines on a karting track. Even though they have their hands full in the first season with tough opponents, they challenge the riders to set a better time than themselves.

Sat-Sun, 7:40 a.m., at Télémagino, and anytime on Netflix.

“Mickey and his friends – Good start!”

Race of the rigatoni ribbon, impossible race or animal race; it is not the imagination that is lacking in the authors of this colorful program. Ready to help anywhere, anytime and to anyone, Mickey takes obvious pleasure in driving his powerful number 28 car. To hell with the speed limits, especially since his friends have no cars. stung worms!

Several times a day on the Disney channel.

“Rev & Roll”

Anyone who had an animal-like truck for a faithful friend would be foolish to do without its power. Especially if, like Rev, we were only 8 years old. Fortunately, for all the children who are not so fortunate, the young driver repeatedly calls on his fiery motorized dog. The Rev gang includes four other human friends and four sheet metal allies who make the road their playground.

Several times a day on Télémagino.

“Ricky Zoom”

Recently landed in French, Ricky Zoom quickly made a good impression. It must be said that it is difficult not to be attracted to this red scooter thirsty for speed which does not skimp on the adventures. The height of happiness for a young audience, the friendly two-wheeled character has surrounded himself with friends who often need to hear his engine roar.

Several times a day on the Disney channel.

“Turbo Fast”

After having its adventure in the cinema, the Snail Turbo is back on the small screen, the pedal once again to the floor. Indy 500 racing champion, the small but explosive animal, always has that constant desire for speed to satisfy. With his friends from Snarlight CIty, he pushes the engine to full force against different opponents. Leave your preconceived ideas about snails in the locker room and don’t blink too much!

Anytime on Netflix.

“The slip”

The world of motor racing suits perfectly to Julia Samson (Camille Felton), a teenager determined to make her place in this sport. Extremely gifted for karting, she aspires to control more powerful cars. Thanks to her, we experience intense and exhilarating sensations on the track. The competition is fierce, but it would take a lot more to slow the young driver down.

Anytime on Club illico.

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