The planet’s labs on alert

Seven months after the start of the pandemic, the marathon that scientists around the world are leading to find a vaccine or drugs against COVID-19 is far from over.

True to form, The newspaper Today offers you its monthly report on the state of this remedy race which mobilizes laboratories around the world.

Where is the research for a vaccine? How is Canada preparing for timely doses? What about the most promising drugs?

In collaboration with our columnist and doctor in biochemistry, Richard Béliveau, our team takes stock of these questions.

We take the opportunity to take a close look at three treatments that took center stage a few days ago after being administered to US President Donald Trump, hospitalized after contracting COVID-19.


Throughout the nine pages of this special section, do not miss the comments of doc Béliveau, who analyzes these most recent discoveries with a critical eye.

Also read her special column, which this month covers the most recent knowledge about the benefits of wearing a face covering.

While collectively we are going through a rather dark period in our history, there are nonetheless a number of news in this special section that allow us to look forward to the coming months with optimism.

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Sebastien menard

Editor and Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Quebec, project manager

Six vaccine candidates are in the crosshairs of Canada

In order to avoid being caught off guard, Canada has increased orders for COVID-19 vaccines in recent months by pledging to spend more than $ 1 billion, but with no guarantee of success.

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China has launched a massive inoculation campaign

Under the guise of phase 3 clinical trials, China has started injecting COVID-19 vaccines to hundreds of thousands of its citizens.

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We can still be optimistic

A large number of vaccines have already been developed so far.

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5 other scientific findings

Nine months after the first cases of COVID-19 appeared in Asia, scientists around the world are still working tirelessly to unravel the mysteries of the coronavirus. As the search for a vaccine accelerates, recent findings are helping to better understand its effects and to adapt our lifestyles.

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There will also be a 2e wave of vaccines

It is not just the pandemic that will experience two waves. If the first vaccines to emerge will help mitigate the pandemic, there will also be a second generation of better optimized vaccines, anticipates the big boss of IMV.

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Colchicine study lags behind and still struggles to find its guinea pigs

Highly funded by Quebec, the COLCORONA study by the Montreal Heart Institute is struggling to complete the recruitment of guinea pigs to effectively test the effects of colchicine on COVID-19 patients.

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Remdesivir takes a key step

Remdesivir, which was used last week to treat Donald Trump, recently became the first drug to be officially recommended in Quebec to fight the disease.

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The importance of the mask to avoid clinical complications of COVID-19

Faced with a virus as contagious as the current coronavirus, the mask remains the best way to reduce the number of viral particles absorbed to allow immunity to neutralize the infection.

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Synthetic Antibodies to Trump’s Rescue

Although clinical trials are still ongoing, the lab-made antibodies to treat COVID-19 already seem so promising that they have even convinced Donald Trump to receive an experimental treatment.

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