“Get vaccinated”, advises a doctor

A doctor invites Quebeckers to do their part to avoid an influenza crisis in the midst of a pandemic. “Get vaccinated,” advises Dr Gilbert Boucher.

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“More than ever with the coming wave of COVID, we must optimize the use of our beds. It is really important that we do not have to manage two crises at the same time, namely the influenza and the coronavirus, ”says Dr. Boucher, president of the Association of specialists in emergency medicine of Quebec.

The doctor refers to Australia where a massive vaccination campaign has borne fruit. “The Australians responded well, more than usual and their flu crisis was less. We hope it will be like that in Canada and Quebec, ”he hopes.

“The government has ordered more vaccines than usual and expanded who will be offered free of charge. It’s off to a good start, people are already asking us when they can make their appointment, ”said Gilbert Boucher. For the CLSCs, the appointments start on November 1st.

Dr. Boucher even asks people who do not usually get vaccinated to do so this year, even those who are reluctant to do so.

“I have been vaccinated for 25 years. Not because I am more at risk, but for the population, for others. It’s a small needle, it hurts for a maximum of 24 hours. It is a good way to help the population and our health system, ”argues the doctor.

COVID cases have been on the rise for several days and the flu could strike as early as early December.

“With the latest predictions that have come out regarding COVID, we are starting to be afraid of having to use all our beds. If in addition, we are forced to have hospitalizations for influenza. The population must do their part and be vaccinated, ”repeats Gilbert Boucher.


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