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Carla Bruni had not released an album of original songs for seven years. Here she is coming back this fall with an eponymous album. The record recorded very quickly after the spring containment. The newspaper spoke with her.

The recording of the album was done very quickly in the studio, in just six days. Why such a short time?

“Because we had no choice! It was just after confinement, in June. We did everything much faster than usual. I loved. It was a kind of emergency. There is a kind of movement that is created. We don’t have time to choose. Everything is done more quickly and intensely. “

Why did you call on Albin de la Simone to produce the album?

“I had wanted to work with him for a long time. I love his universe. I also like the work he does with others. Quite simply, I sent him a song and asked him if he wanted to make the album. He told me yes. “

For the first time, you wrote a song in Italian, with Voglio amore. You who are of Italian origin, why have you waited all this time before trying to write a song in this language?

“It’s amazing, isn’t it? I’ve been trying to write in Italian for years and in truth, I told myself that I wouldn’t be able. When I wrote this song, I realized that I just needed the inspiration to write. This is what matters. […] I had doubts, because I lived much more in French than in Italian. So I have less skills in Italian. However, I speak Italian a lot with my family and I read it. “

You sing along with your sister on this piece. How did this collaboration come about?

“Precisely because I was skeptical about my possibilities of writing in Italian. When I wrote this song, I played it to my sister. She is an actress, she has the meaning of the text. I still trust his advice. She loved the song. I said to him: don’t you want to come and read a part of it? This is what she did. We had a lot of fun. “

The album has an eponymous title. Why ?

“It’s weird, isn’t it?” But I gave up. We do not care ! I wanted to put Nothing but ecstasy, but I wasn’t sure after that. I couldn’t find a title to describe the whole album. I find it funny because with this title, it’s a bit like I was at the start of my career! “

What is it like to launch an album when you can’t put on a show because of the pandemic?

“It’s very worrying for everyone. But I think the shows are going to start over pretty soon. People want it, everyone wants it. “

How do you find the current climate among the population? In Quebec, we feel that there are tensions everywhere. Is it a bit the same for France?

“Ah yes, it’s the same thing everywhere … Of course, the climate is extremely tense. But I can understand. And then, we are extremely numerous. I was born at the end of the 1960s. In the 1990s, there were fewer of us. “

What is our hope for the next few months, the next years?

“I think we will come back to life, to work, that we will find a drug, a vaccine, that we will move forward. I am optimistic. I find that people want to work, that they have energy. “

Carla Bruni’s new album is available on the market.

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