Canada to join support group for Commission Against the Death Penalty

Canada on Saturday announced its intention to join the support group for the International Commission Against the Death Penalty, a group of 23 countries led by Spain.

“Alongside these countries and other members of the international community, we systematically oppose the death penalty”, underlined the head of Canadian diplomacy François-Philippe Champagne, in a press release on the occasion of the day. world against capital punishment.

Mr. Champagne considered “encouraging” the increase in the number of countries which abandon the death penalty, welcoming in particular the “recent progress of Kazakhstan towards the abolition of this penalty”.

He reaffirmed Canada’s firm opposition to capital punishment, a “cruel, inhuman practice (which) constitutes an affront to human rights, in addition to being an ineffective deterrent against crime”

The International Commission Against the Death Penalty is an independent body that advocates for a universal moratorium on the death penalty and its eventual abolition. It is supported and funded by a group of 23 countries, including Algeria, several European countries, Argentina, Mexico, the Philippines, Turkey and Togo.

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