A new antibacterial glass

A Rivière-du-Loup company has just developed an antibacterial glass that could have many uses due to the current pandemic.

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“It is a glass which, with the ultraviolet rays, will destroy the organic matter which will be on its surface. It has a property that will destroy bacteria and viruses, ”explains Richard Langlais, vice-president of innovation, research and development at Prelco.

Glazing would therefore limit the transmission of several diseases, and we are obviously thinking of the coronavirus.

“Yes, we degrade COVID-19, but we also degrade a host of other viruses that already existed, then which will ultimately continue to exist,” said an employee.

Glass could be installed in all kinds of buildings, such as hospitals, CHSLDs or schools, but also in public transport.

Prelco also offers another process: a heated glass which has the same bactericidal purpose and which could even be programmed.

“You can say at such and such a time of the day, your temperature must rise to 70 degrees Celsius for a period of five minutes, the viruses will destroy themselves. So it will be purely automatic, ”adds Mr. Langlais.

In this context of a pandemic, interest in this type of product is growing.

Product development is complete, testing is currently starting in bus shelters in Toronto, and marketing will take place in a few months.


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