“Beauty standards must change”

Two weeks after receiving fierce criticism of his appearance at Good evening !, Renee Wilkin persists and signs. The singer launched yesterday the clip ofShe is beautiful, where she recreates sexy scenes inspired by Mitsou, Beyoncé, Shakira and other Katy Perry in the company of other curvy women.

Let us first recall the facts. Guest on the set of Good evening !, last month, Renee Wilkin opted for fitted pants and a cropped sweater revealing a few inches of her abdomen. Her outfit quickly sparked an avalanche of derogatory and particularly violent comments on social media, with critics deeming the clothes inappropriate for her generous curves.

“I had to stop reading all the contemptuous messages I was getting. It’s okay if people don’t like my look. But I assume myself as I am. And I don’t deserve these attacks on my appearance and my weight. Nobody deserves it, by the way, ”says the singer interview Newspaper.

A fight to win

It’s been a while since Renee Wilkin made body diversity her hobbyhorse. And this recent situation reminded him of the importance of continuing to lead his fight which, obviously, is far from won. This is how she comes back with a new extract, She is beautiful.

“My beautiful curves seem to hurt them. Throwing this hatred in my face is not normal, ”she sings there.

Unveiled yesterday, the clip shows the singer surrounded by other curvy women, recreating sexy scenes modeled on those of pop singers from here and elsewhere.

Examples ? A plump young woman frolic naked in a cloud of cotton candy as Katy Perry did for her California gurls. Another recreates the suggestive atmosphere of Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. As for Renee Wilkin, she herself takes the pose, naked on a chair, like Mitsou in the early 1990s.

“Open discussions”

The images, she knows very well, are likely to make people talk. She expects it. And she is ready to face it.

“If the last two weeks have taught me anything, it’s that I’m strong enough to face it. And I have an army of supporters who are there to support me, ”she says.

“And if it gets people talking, great.” I hope that will open discussions. Beauty standards must change. Because we curvy women exist. We deserve to have our place. And we have the right to be beautiful and sexy, ”she adds.


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