3rd link: the MTQ offers a response of less than 90 words to the BAPE

Invited by the BAPE to detail the progress of the 3e link, the Minister of Transport provided answers so short – less than 90 words – that they do not allow to learn more about the future tunnel Quebec-Lévis.

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The commissioners of the Office of Public Hearings on the Environment (BAPE), who are examining the tramway project in Quebec, had asked the MTQ two questions about the 3e link and its impact on the tram project, Thursday. They demanded answers by noon Friday.

The MTQ’s answers, very succinct, were posted online Friday morning on the BAPE website. However, they do not allow to learn new elements on the project of 3e link which must be officially announced this fall by Minister François Bonnardel.

Question: Please detail the steps taken and the progress of the project on or before October 7, 2020, specifying the links with the project to build a tramway in Quebec?

The answer lies in a short paragraph. “The study of solutions as well as traffic and ridership analyzes are continuing, taking into account the various projects in the region. Some discussions took place in order to take into consideration certain underground structures found near the route of the Quebec-Lévis tunnel. ”

The MTQ also confirmed, in its letter, what Minister Bonnardel had already said on several occasions. The easternmost route, via the tip of Île d’Orléans, has been definitively ruled out. “The route directly connecting the city centers of Quebec and Lévis is the preferred project for the MTQ. The various analyzes and studies are now taking place only inside this route ”, we can read.

We will therefore have to wait for the press conference of the Minister of Transport before knowing the precise route of the third link, the location of its exit in downtown Quebec and that of the stations for the public transport component.


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