Woodkid: the long break is over

In 2014, the French Woodkid, Yoann Lemoine of his real name, announced that he was taking a long break from music. Six years later, here he is back with a new album, S16.

Woodkid made an impression with his first career album, The Golden Age, released in 2013. The artist quickly became a darling of the Montreal public. It all culminated in a large outdoor concert at the Jazz Festival in July 2014.

Then, a few months later, he decided to retire. After making a film soundtrack (Desierto) and worked with other artists, including Bon Iver and The National for the collective PEOPLE, Woodkid returns to the fore. Why come back today?

“I felt like I had matured things, he replies to Newspaper. […] It was a bit of a gardening job. I planted seeds and waited until the songs were mature enough to be presented on stage. “

Postponed tour

Of course, Woodkid’s reunion with the Quebec public will have to wait. They were to take place this summer, at the FIJM. Pandemic requires, the two concerts planned at MTelus have been moved to June 2021.

“The fans are very understanding,” says Yoann Lemoine. We must keep the hope that we will be able to return to concert situations as before. ”

Woodkid’s new album, S16, is available on the market.


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