The generosity of the Ursulines benefits young people

The Ursuline Sisters of Quebec have made hundreds of people recently by making a substantial donation to revamp the exterior courtyard of the school they founded.

The students have been enjoying their new environment for a few days, in a context where the outdoors and exercise greatly help reduce stress.

“It allows young people when there is a little anxiety, precisely, to go out, to take in the fresh air,” says Marc Dallaire, general manager of the École des Ursulines.

The outdoor amphitheater allows classes to be held in the great outdoors, and the benefits are numerous for the school’s 430 students.

“Not being inside all the time, even if the temperature is a little cooler, it’s fun for the students, I find it pleasant. Stresses for his part Pierre-Luc Dubois a 4th year teacher.

The work cost a million dollars, a good part of the funds come from a donation from the Ursulines to the school they founded in 1639, in the heart of Old Quebec.

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