Snowbirds have lead in the wing

The US $ 100,000 question: Do we spend the winter here or fly away?

Usually, our snowbirds prepare to take the road to their winter quarters. Forced to shorten their stay last March because of the pandemic, they hoped to be able to leave this fall. But the number of declared cases, the deaths, and the social climate generated by the American electoral campaign, “that freaks you out” as we say here.

A difficult decision to make

For all those who own a property there and for others who had already signed their rental contract.

One thing is certain, the land border will remain closed until further notice. So you have to take the plane.

We can always rent a car on site, which is quite expensive, or use the services of a conveyor who will take our car to its destination. We are studying the question …

To hell with COVID, we’re leaving anyway!

Confine yourself and wear the mask here or under the palm trees?

Easy: we would prefer to play in Miami vice that in Snow Queen, not true ?

Unless we get sick. Hospitalization in the States puts you in a snowbird on the straw quickly.

Some insurers offer COVID coverage. Read the fine print at the bottom of the page anyway. There is a clause there concerning a possible repatriation? It deserves some thought.

The day after November 3?

It is not so much the COVID that worries as the social tensions. Whatever the outcome of the ballot, there is fear of an outbreak of violence. They can almost buy a gun at the convenience store. Calms you !

Are we spending a beautiful white Christmas here and reviewing our plans to leave in January?

We can think about it while decorating our Halloween pumpkin in orange Joker to ward off bad luck.

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Victoria Smith who hails from Toronto, Canada currently runs this news portofolio who completed Masters in Political science from University of Toronto. She started her career with BBC then relocated to TorontoStar as senior political reporter. She is caring and hardworking.

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