Laval conspiratorial policeman acclaimed at protest

Maxime Ouimet, the Laval policeman who recently resigned from his post after posting conspiratorial theses on social networks, was acclaimed during a speech he delivered as part of a demonstration against health measures in Toronto Saturday afternoon.

A video of his bilingual speech has been posted on YouTube and Facebook.

“I was twelve years in the police, working for the public, working for citizens. If you look on my patch it says protect and serve, protect and serve. I’m working for you guys, not for this government [Je travaille vous, les amis, pas pour ce gouvernement]», Launched Maxime Ouimet to the public who chanted« Freedom! Freedom!”.

“After twelve years, I decided to give up my job, because everything we do [en ce moment avec la COVID-19], it’s illegal, ”he said at the microphone. The crowd was estimated at “several hundred”, according to various local media.

After his publications surfaced about two weeks ago, the Laval Police Department (SPL) pulled him off the field to give him administrative tasks.

Shortly after the publication in which he denied the existence of the pandemic, a men’s beauty shop he runs in Terrebonne, Scalp Elite, was the target of acts of vandalism on Thursday, October 8, in evening.

The next day, Maxime Ouimet resigned.

During his speech, the former SPL agent, presumably dressed in a law enforcement top, asked all emergency service employees across Canada to send him videos to show Quebec that “It is under control, that things are going well in the streets”.

Maxime Ouimet notably denounced the supposed police power to enter people’s homes without a warrant, false information that was denied by the Minister of Public Security, Geneviève Guilbault.

“The inviolability of private homes is a very important right, fundamental in Quebec, insisted Guilbault during a press briefing on September 23. So I want everyone to understand that we are not at all considering allowing our police to besiege our homes overnight. For now, it is not our intention. ”

A motion tabled by the member for Québec solidaire Alexandre Leduc to “exclude the possibility of granting additional powers to the police forces which would allow them to enter more easily into private homes without a warrant” was adopted unanimously on the same day. .

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