Here are 15 movies to watch while waiting for Halloween

October 31 is fast approaching, even as COVID-19 takes control of our long-held Halloween traditions.

Since you still have to wait before the big day, we offer you films that should get you in the spirit of the festival of witches, pumpkins and ghosts.

Hubie Halloween

The novelty, available only on Netflix, stars Adam Sandler in a family horror comedy. Known as the village idiot, Hubie will have to save his town from one on his favorite holiday, Halloween.

The Addams Family

While everyone is familiar with the Addams family, a marathon of the three flagship films still remains interesting. The Addams Family (1991 and 2019), as well as The Addams Family Values ​​(1993) will forever be Halloween classics.

The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack

A movie for Halloween … and Christmas lovers. This festive work is a real classic straight out of 1993, all accompanied by a joyful and frightening soundtrack.

Hocus pocus

On Halloween night, a teenager lights an enchanted candle, which brings three witches to life, killed by hanging 300 years earlier. The protagonist and his acolytes will have to save the children of Salem by preventing the three witches from sucking the lives of each of them.

Edward Scissorhands

Released in 1990, this film by Tim Burton no longer requires presentation. Looking like a modern Frankenstein, it stars Johnny Depp and Winona Rider.


Adapted in 2009 from a dark tale, this film tells the story of a young girl who finds behind a secret door an alternate version of her own life. While this world seems more pleasant and fun, a heavy secret awaits it.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

This film, which pays a parodic homage to science fiction, horror and B movies, was not all the rage when it was released in 1975. With themes that still apply, the horror musical will make you wait an extra night before the candy hunt evening.


A deceased couple still living in their house want to scare away new arrivals. It is then that they appeal to Beetlejuice, a strange phenomenon, which will teach them to haunt their house and its guests. Arrived on our screens in 1988, Beetlejuice remains known to the general public and a must-have during Halloween evenings.

Hotel Transylvania

The animated trilogy is a new must of Halloween. If you plan to watch all three films, we suggest that you watch Gremlins above all, since the little creatures figure in Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer vacation.

The Haunted Mansion

Released in 2003, the comedy stars Eddie Murphy. He plays a real estate seller who works hand in hand with his spouse. While the couple leave with their children, ready to spend a weekend with the family, on the occasion of a real estate visit, the quartet is instead in front of a sinister mansion inhabited by special guests.

The Cadaveric Bride

In this 2005 animated film, the protagonist inadvertently finds himself married to the corpse of Emily, who forcibly brings him into the world of the dead.


These unmanageable monsters when fed at night invaded cinemas in 1984. Since then, one can only be moved by these ferocious little beasts.


Fred, Vera, Daphne, Sammy and Scooby meet on a haunted island to solve another mystery. Released in 2002 and poorly received by critics, the film was nevertheless a commercial success by garnering 276 million dollars of worldwide receipts.


Whether it’s the original version dating from 1984, its sequel, released in 1989, or the completely feminine generation released in 2016, the ghost hunters cannot disappoint you. Original director’s son Ivan Reitman to direct new film Ghostbusters, scheduled for release in 2021. Another reason to watch the three films already on the market.

The Monster House

As they discover that a neighborhood hand is haunted, three teenagers try to warn the authorities, without success. They then make the decision to fix the problem themselves.

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