Allow yourself to be happy

For some, finding happiness seems unattainable. Still, being happy can be a lot easier than it looks. Instead of being carried away by the ambient frustration which only aggravates your morale, why not try to follow the advice of the American author, Matt Kahn who offers in his book ten keys to access happiness.

Very active on social networks, especially on his YouTube channel with more than 150,000 subscribers, Matt Kahn wants everyone to be able to heal their emotional wounds by leaving the past behind and awakening to the energy of love. Moreover, for years he has dedicated his life to spiritual teaching. Her recipe, open your heart and let yourself be carried away by love, whatever its shape.

Among its ten rules is at the top of the list that of stopping guilt. Then you have to stop blaming yourself and ignore those who constantly blame you. Because those who point fingers at others are usually unhappy people and are certainly not an example to follow. Another important part of achieving happiness is learning to forgive. To do this, the author suggests a specific exercise by targeting the person who has done you the most harm in your life. Next, describe the feeling or emotion that arises in you in this regard. Is it heartache, shame or a feeling of betrayal? To be able to forgive, we must cultivate in ourselves the opposite feeling, that is, by following these examples, joy, dignity or confidence. According to the author, each test is an opportunity to cultivate the reverse quality. Exercise in itself is not easy, but it is an opportunity to cultivate something positive, it is a step towards forgiveness and liberation to move towards well-being.


Perhaps its most important golden rule is gratitude. It is she who, according to the author, helps overcome obstacles in addition to attracting happiness in his life.

Know that if you manage to feel good, you will become a beacon for others through your radiance, thus allowing others to feel better in turn when you have the opportunity to be around them. To gratitude is added love. It is there, the greatest power that human beings have to overcome obstacles and live fully happy.

Take time

As health authorities urge us to stay at home as much as possible, the time may have come to embrace the lifestyle “ slow life “, an invitation to live more slowly, away from the hectic life while enjoying the small pleasures of everyday life. Among their suggestions, redefine your priorities based on your own aspirations, adopt a pet, contemplate the stars at night (why not get a telescope), take relaxing baths, connect with nature by taking a walk in forest and get back to cooking. Here, we make suggestions regarding the “ slow food “, that is to say choose in particular nutritional quality and local products. In short, one wishes to cultivate harmony, peace and zenitude in this way.

be yourself

If you are one of those people who constantly compare yourself to others, chances are you are not really happy, because there will always be someone luckier or more gifted than you. If you are addicted to social networks, where most of the time other people only post their best moments in photos or their greatest successes, this will not help to make you happy. The author suggests to be a little more yourself and less like everyone else and to move away from appearances. You are a unique being so build your own existence based on your values ​​and forget what others are doing.

Without complexes

Favorite of the month

Followed by 2.3 million followers around the world on social networks, especially on their account Instagram @inflexibleyogis who alone has 1.4 million subscribers, authors Max and Liz Lowenstein are both acroyoga teachers and they’re on a mission to make yoga accessible, even for those who are stiff as a bar. Their motto: “You don’t need to be flexible to get into yoga, yoga will make you flexible!” »In their book, you will find more than 40 postures to introduce you to this discipline. Flexibility has its source in the mind according to the authors. The idea is to progress at your own pace through various breathing and stretching techniques. Without wanting to do any exploits, we want everyone to be able to progress by being more attentive to their body and mind. With this abundantly illustrated book, you will no longer have any excuse not to indulge yourself in it.

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