Tightrope led by Christine Morency: take taboos by the horns

Can we laugh at everything? Ah! This eternal question that haunts the world of humor. The best way to find out? Make gags to the limits of the acceptable, in front of a panel of guests concerned by the subject. This is what the new show does Tightrope, moderated by Christine Morency, and which provokes frank and necessary discussions on the question.

The first episode of Tightrope aired Wednesday on Z Télé. On each program, three comedians present an original number (it is sometimes hilarious) on a sensitive subject (the baby boomers, the police, blacks, lesbians, fat), in front of three guests directly concerned by the theme. For example, Joël Legendre, Catherine Brunet and Georges Laraque commented on numbers devoted to vegetarianism, of which they are followers, during the first episode.

“I didn’t think vegetarianism was going to raise so much debate, that it could be so polarizing. But we can easily cross the line on that, ”says Christine Morency in an interview with Newspaper.

For example? At the start of the show, the host sets the tone with a short monologue where she says she loves animals, “but the problem is that I love them in my mouth too”, she says.

A range of reactions

“When Georges [Laraque] arrived in the studio, her mission was not to find it funny, she says on the other end of the phone. He didn’t want to laugh because he’s sick of jokes of vegans. I was wondering: how can we get tired of jokes vegan? But indeed, when in your daily life, every day, people tell you that you must be weak because you eat peanuts, at some point, you must be tanned. ”

Finally, Georges Laraque could not help but laugh at the epic surge of milk from the comedian Didier Lambert towards vegetarians while Joël Legendre had an uncontrollable laughter.

After each issue, the panel of guests takes the floor. It’s fascinating how the same joke can elicit so many different reactions. “The most beautiful wealth of this show-There are the discussions that come after, ”says Christine Morency.

Were there too salty jokes during the shoots that didn’t get through? “Good yes! she exclaims. But it was necessary, because many people do these jokes-the. Even if it went less well, it made the conversation interesting. Sometimes it’s in the words chosen, in the angle of a number, but that doesn’t mean that the comedian isn’t funny. “

The wind in the sails

With her raw language, her sensitivity and the immense self-mockery of which she is capable, there could not be a better host to take the helm. Tightrope.

In her own shows and numbers that she presents at festivals, Christine Morency often shoots red balls … on herself.

“Laughing at me shows that I laugh at everyone, without distinction. It validates that if you laugh at yourself, afterwards, you can laugh at others and we know that you are in the jokes. I laugh at myself as much as I laugh at my father or my autistic godson. And all this with love. For me, to laugh at someone is to accept them. ”

Tightrope is the very first TV animation of the comedian, who has the wind in his sails, three years after having left his profession of social worker with people in situation of homelessness to set foot on a stage.

Tightrope airs Wednesdays, 8:30 p.m., on Z Télé. Alexandre Barrette, Mélanie Ghanimé, Les Grandes Crues, Neev and Mario Tessier are among the guest comedians during the season.


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