The boss of the Grand Marché fired

The boss of the Grand Marché has been fired in recent days.

The general manager of the Coopérative des horticulteurs de Québec for years, Daniel Tremblay, was shown the door recently, according to what has been learned. The newspaper.

On Tuesday, a press release from the Coop announced the arrival of a new interim general manager, Jean-Paul Desjardins.

Mr. Desjardins served for seven years on the Board of Directors of the Cooperative.

The first challenge it will have to tackle is to bring the Christmas market to life in the difficult context of COVID-19.


The Grand Marché has experienced difficulties in recent months.

In June, the City was to come to his aid with assistance in the form of a loan of $ 300,000.

The City also agreed to deprive itself of revenue of $ 1.7 million and demanded a recovery plan, as of 2020. We were unable to have the reaction of the City or that of the Grand Marché.

Gosselin wants a “real plan”

Opposition leader Jean-François Gosselin reacted on Twitter.

“When will Régis Labeaume present us with a real plan to ensure the success of the Grand Marché de Québec and correct its bad decisions? $ 300,000 loans and layoffs are all well and good; we also need transparency and a solution that holds water. “

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