In 2020, let’s talk about human rights, quite simply

I believe that in 2020, we should stop talking about feminism, racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism …

We should be talking about human rights, quite simply.

Either we are for humans to be equal, or we are against it.

We cannot be for the fact that some are equal and others are not! In this case, we are not talking about equality, but about favoritism.

In 2020, we have reached the point where we should stop dividing society and bring it closer together.

The aim of anti-racists is not to make blacks “more powerful” than whites, just as the aim of feminists is not to make women “superior” to men. We want everyone to have the same rights, to be seen and considered in the same way by all of society. The same is true for all other groups advocating social equality.

By the way, let’s come back to gender equality … Have you ever noticed that men are not equal to women either? No?

However, a man who knits, unlike a woman, will receive questions such as “Do you knit?!?!?!”. A man practicing classical ballet will also be asked many more questions about his choice and receive many more derogatory comments than a girl going for this style of dance.

These are just two examples among many others, but nothing, other than what they have between the 2 legs justifies the fact that the men cannot occupy their free time as they would like.

So you will see that feminism is not just about women in this fight for gender equality.

If you want each individual to be free to live, say, do, wear, sing, dance what he or she wants, for a person to travel and live wherever they want, to be safe and accepted no matter what his identity, well you are for HUMAN rights *.

Finally, we see today that no matter our gender, our social class, our sexual orientation, our country of origin, our skin color or our religion, something makes no distinction between us: the Covid.

If a simple virus, which is not even endowed with intelligence, is able to treat all people equally … Why not us?

* Human rights and not human rights. You can imagine if the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was called Universal Declaration of the Rights of Women? “Because the woman with a capital F is for men AND women”, it is therefore correct that the title of the document advocating social equality for 72 years excludes 50% of the population! Be aware, however, that this Universal Declaration of Human Rights entered into force in 1948 and no one has complained enough since that it changed its name and became the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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