Developments on COVID from October 16

Whether in Quebec or elsewhere on the planet, the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our lives.

Here you will find all the news throughout the day related to this crisis affecting the population, governments and the economy.

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Case: 39 251 085

Dead: 1,103,415

Recovered: 27,009,725


Case: 8 047 792

Dead: 218,556

Recovered: 3,197,539


Quebec: 91,018 cases (6,018 deaths)

Ontario: 62,908 cases (3,031 deaths)

Alberta: 21,775 cases (288 deaths)

British Columbia: 11,089 cases (251 deaths)

Manitoba: 3,173 cases (38 deaths)

Saskatchewan: 2,270 cases (25 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 1,093 cases (65 deaths)

New Brunswick: 297 cases (2 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 287 cases (4 deaths)

Prince Edward Island: 63 cases

Yukon: 15 cases

Northwest Territories: 5 cases

Nunavut: 0 cases

Canadian returnees: 13 cases

Total: 194,106 cases (9,722 deaths)


9:49 p.m. | The idea of ​​opening the dining rooms is greeted with reserve by the restaurants

Restaurant owners in the region are divided at the idea of ​​quickly reopening their dining room, as the mayor of Lévis suggested on Friday, while many still find the bet too risky, especially in terms of profitability.

19:49 | COVID-19: more cases in Drummondville than in Sherbrooke

In one week, the number of COVID-19 cases has never been so high in the Drummond MRC. An increase that is also being felt in Drummondville.

19:04 | The ski resorts of the Eastern Townships relieved

The managers of ski resorts in the Eastern Townships are happy, and snow sports fanatics who saw their season come to an abrupt end last March too.

6:36 pm | Outbreak at Trois-Rivières prison

COVID-19 is now within the walls of the Trois-Rivières detention center: the Ministry of Public Security has confirmed that an inmate and a correctional officer have contracted the virus.

6:23 pm | COVID-19 will not prevent skiing in Saguenay

Public health has given the green light for the 2020-2021 ski season. The only thing missing is the snow for ski enthusiasts to practice their winter sport, but this time, respecting health guidelines.

6:10 pm | New layoffs for November at Transat

Air Transat is continuing its major cuts and will likely drop to fewer than 160 flight attendants in November, compared to 355 in August, after the severe blow caused by flight restrictions due to the COVID pandemic. 19.

5:57 pm | Kick-off for the massive screening clinic in Trois-Rivières

A massive COVID-19 screening clinic has just opened in Trois-Rivières. With the onset of cold weather, the Integrated University Health and Social Services Center (CIUSSS) of Mauricie-et-du-Center-du-Québec wanted to avoid the endless queues experienced during mobile clinics.

5.15pm | COVID-19: first death in five months in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

COVID-19 continues to progress in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, where 24 new cases were recorded on Friday for a total of 689 people infected since the start of the pandemic.

3:23 pm | Outbreak at the Résidence du Verger: residents have recovered

Public Health is closely monitoring an outbreak in a retirement home in Victoriaville, where 15 people have contracted COVID-19. Good news, however, as a few residents recovered on Friday.

3:10 pm | US budget deficit at historic level

The U.S. budget deficit climbed to an all-time high in 2020, due to spending to help the economy cope with the crisis caused by COVID-19. It exceeds $ 3 trillion, far beating its previous record.

3:00 p.m. | Last evening before curfew for 20 million French people

Paris and eight other French metropolises are preparing to experience a last unhindered evening on Friday before the entry into force of night curfews, at a time when France is facing an agonizing rise in Covid cases.


14:48 | Concerns of healthcare workers in the Gaspé

With the outbreaks active in two CHSLDs and at the Hôpital de Maria, the situation is not easy for the employees of the health network in Gaspésie.

2:23 pm | Over 8 million cases of COVID-19 recorded in the United States

The United States passed the milestone of 8 million detected cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic on Friday, according to the count from Johns Hopkins University, which is the benchmark.

14:12 | Quebec continues to be the most affected province

By reporting 1,055 new cases of coronavirus disease on Friday, Quebec, which is by far the province most affected by the health crisis, has crossed the barrier of 90,000 infections.


2:07 pm | A little brightening in a dark air sky

After dropping in April, air traffic has improved a bit since then, but travel restrictions that persist due to the pandemic continue to have an impact.

Airplane block

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13:26 | The Montagnais is ready to accommodate isolated people

Hotel Le Montagnais, located in the Chicoutimi borough in Saguenay, is ready to accommodate people isolated due to COVID-19.

1:05 pm | COVID-19 outbreak at Davie shipyard

About 20 workers at the Davie shipyard in Lévis have contracted COVID-19 in the past few days. The outbreak would have occurred within the same work team, which allowed management to contain the spread.

1:02 pm | No return to “normality” at the end of October

Even if the number of daily cases of COVID-19 were to halve by the end of October, Quebeckers should not expect to return to a level of “normalcy” like that experienced this summer.

Screenshot, TVA News

12h13 | Without new measures, Quebec “went into the wall”

Without the measures imposed since October 1 by the Legault government, the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths would have increased “exponentially”, reveal the most recent scenarios unveiled by the INSPQ, which highlight the need for ‘extra effort to flatten the curve.

QMI Agency archive photo, Joël Lemay

12:01 am | Trudeau defends his idea of ​​standards for CHSLDs

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defends his idea of ​​putting in place national standards to standardize the services provided to the elderly in long-term care centers.

11:34 am | More than 400,000 contaminations in 24 hours worldwide, a record

More than 400,000 new cases of Covid-19 contamination were announced worldwide on Thursday alone, a record according to the count made by AFP on Friday from reports provided by health authorities.

11am | Quebec registers 1,055 new cases

Quebec recorded, on Friday, 1,055 additional cases and 14 more deaths linked to COVID-19, for a total of 91,018 people infected and 6,018 deaths since the start of the pandemic.


– 91,018 people infected (+1055)

– 6,018 deaths (+14)

– 507 people hospitalized (+14)

– 87 people in intensive care (+4)

– The withdrawals made on October 14 amounted to 29,028, for a total of 2,752,073

7:40 am | The anti-mask movement has a youth wing

The Quebec anti-mask movement has had a “youth wing” for a few weeks, whose members claim to stay away from the crazy ideas of some demonstrators.

7:20 am | Quebecers are snapping up the dumbbells

The closure of gyms in the red zone has exploded the demand for weights and dumbbells in Quebec. Consumers must now scramble to grab hold of the scarce quantities available.

6:50 am | The pandemic has slowed organ donation

The drastic drop in the number of organ donations that occurred in the midst of the pandemic last spring could now lead to delays for patients who are waiting for a precious transplant.

6:40 am | COVID-19: Remdesivir has “little or no effect” on mortality

The antiviral drug Remdesivir, considered one of the most promising treatments for COVID-19, is not effective in preventing the death of patients, according to a study conducted with the support of the WHO.

File photo, AFP

6:34 am | COVID-19: Chinese city offers vaccination to residents

A Chinese city offers its residents “emergency vaccinations” against COVID-19, said city authorities, the first known operation of this magnitude in the country, carried out with a vaccine not yet approved commercially.

5:47 am | We can ski, even in the red zone!

Hitting the slopes in powder snow will come with its share of constraints this year. Skiers will have to wear a neck warmer or balaclava covering the nose and mouth on the outside, learned The newspaper.


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