A first feature film for Squeeze

Squeeze is embarking on the production of a first feature film and it is aiming high: the Quebec animation studio wants to create a film of international caliber with a budget of between 20 and 40 million dollars.

The film’s working title, or rather its code name, is Sugar Loaded. That’s all Denis Doré, co-founder of the company which has offices in Quebec and Montreal, agrees to say for the moment about this project on which he has been working in secret for two years with his partner Patrick Beaulieu, who wears the director’s hat.

“We don’t talk about it right away,” said Mr. Doré, who wishes to keep the details of the scenario for the moment when Squeeze announces who will be its partners in the adventure.

Because to complete a project with an ambitious budget, at least for a Quebec animated film, Squeeze turns to financiers outside our borders.

“We have what it takes to initiate discussions with our international partners who know us well and with whom we have been in service for several years. They’ve been waiting a long time for us to come and see them with our first film. “

Who are they ? Big studios and streaming platforms, he replies.

Develop its properties

It is true that Squeeze has built a solid network of partners in the visual industry since its inception, nine years ago. Active in the field of video games – he notably designed a trailer for the fourth Assassin’s Creed -, he also designed the 3D animation of the blockbuster Transformers: Age of Extinction, among other achievements.

However, Squeeze wishes to develop its own properties. He already started when he created the youth TV series Cracked, which has been sold to more than 210 countries and territories.

Those who have watched the adventures of Ed the Ostrich will not be taken aback by the animation style of Sugar Loaded.

“We are in the Squeeze. We want to keep our approach which is to emphasize the character, ”says Denis Doré, who cites as an example Despicable Me.

“A European signature with international appeal. It was the same for The Ice Age.

A beginning

Squeeze wishes to begin production of its feature film in 2021. Even if its craftsmen want to present it to the planet, a French version will be produced.

“This is only the beginning of our original productions,” says Denis Doré.


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